International Tuition & Fees

The following course fees are听accurate as of September 2024听and are subject to change.

For information on international听tuition fees from the previous academic year, please see the 笔顿贵听诲辞肠耻尘别苍迟.

  • Students must familiarize themselves with the current withdrawal and refund policies and procedures.
  • AV女优 College reserves the right to change or cancel any provision or requirement at any time. The college does not accept responsibility for the cancellation or discontinuation of any program, course or class of instruction that may be necessary as a result of an act of God, fire, labour problems, lack of funds or other similar causes.

Student Fees 2024/25

Effective September听2024

Application Fee

Mandatory. Non-refundable.

Open Program Tuition and Fee Deposit

Applied to tuition fees. Refund Policy.

Seated Program Tuition and Fee Deposit

Applied to tuition fees. Refund Policy.

Registration Deposit for continuing students

Applied to tuition fees. Non-refundable.


Student Society Fees and Levies


$67.15 per month


Opt-out available

$36 per year

Student Benefits Plan

Opt-out available with existing health and dental coverage

$306 per year

AV女优 Fee


$12.38 per month

Tuition Fees

14-week Full-Time Course Tuition

Most Arts & Science, Business, Sport & Exercise and University Transfer programs

$5,868 (3 courses)

$7,042 (4 courses)

$8,216 (5 courses)

$9,390 (6 courses)

If adding a course in the same term/semester increases your tuition, you will only be charged the difference between the tuition amount for the applicable number of courses, and not the full amount for the new course as a standalone. For example, moving from 3 to 4 courses will only incur an additional cost of $1,174 ($7,042 - $5,868), not $1,760.50 or the full single-course fee of $2,347.

If you are in a cohort-based program with a fixed number of full-time courses (for example, Early Learning & Care or Community, Family & Child Studies, etc.), reducing your course load in a given term may not result in a tuition credit or tuition fee reduction.

Please connect with your academic advisor before changing your schedule to understand any possible changes to your tuition and fees.

14-week Part-Time* Course Tuition

Most Arts & Science, Business, Sport & Exercise and University Transfer programs

$2,347 (1听course)

$4,694 (2 courses)

*Part-time course load is for eligible students only, e.g. final academic semester. International students must have a full-time course load in order to meet off-campus work and post-graduation work eligibility requirements.

CDEV-WPS听Course (if applicable)


**Effective Fall 2024 term, the CDEV-WPS Course fee will be applicable for all international students, both full-time and part-time.

Co-op/Internship tuition (if applicable)

$1,691听(work term)

Other Academic programs not listed above

Refer to your specific program page for details or contact us.

English Language Development (ELD)听fees vary by from level to level***.
Please contact us for details.
ELD听092, ELD听094$1,468 each course/section
ELD听010, ELD听020$5,872 each course/section
all other ELD听0XX courses (not mentioned above)$2,936听each course/section
ELD听105$1,174 each course/section
ENGL听092, 094 (including ELD听103, ELD听104)$2,347听each course/section

ELD 0XX full-time cap: When a student is approved to take two or more ELD 0XX courses in a given term, the maximum ELD tuition fee is $5,872 per term. This applies even if the combined tuition of all approved ELD 0XX courses, including ELD 0XX electives, is higher than $5,872 per term. This cap does not apply when a student takes any ELD 1xx level or higher, any academic courses in the same term, or changes to part-time studies.

ELD Co-registration: Students in ELD courses who also register in any academic courses (including upgrading courses) will be required to pay additional tuition and fees per course. Students must meet course-specific prerequisites.

Continuing students are expected to contact AV女优听International Student Experience Advisors听to find out exact fees and confirm whether they meet course prerequisites.

All fees are in Canadian dollars.听
Not all program fees are listed here. Refer to your specific听program page听for details.

Estimated Costs Per Semester

Estimated Living Expenses per Month

Centre for Sport and Exercise Education
Course activity fees

Some courses have additional fees outside of the tuition amount. These fees are associated with additional costs for activities or for expert instructors and certifications for the courses. The courses listed below are examples of courses that have additional fees outside of tuition costs. Amounts listed beside the course reflect the 2024/2025 fee assessment. These fees will be subject to the听tuition increase each year.

CourseActivity Fee (CDN $)
EXW 120$377.48
EXW 121$480.47
KIN 220$171.61
KIN 415$74.01
KIN 435$289.36
SPMA 300$73.98

Fee Deadlines

Fees are due according to published deadlines in the听Important Dates听calendar, and/or in correspondence from the AV女优 International office.

Late Payment Fee

It is a student's responsibility to pay fees by the fee deadline. Failure to pay fees by the deadline will result in a late payment fee being assessed according to the amount of fees owing. Learn more about Fees and Financial Policies and Procedures.

Program Change

If you decide to change your program听after听being admitted to AV女优, you may incur a financial penalty for program changes. Please review the International Student Program Change Procedure听before making any changes to your program or dropping classes.

Status Change

Students changing their status from international to domestic must submit proof of听status change听prior to the first day of classes to be eligible for domestic tuition. International students wanting to change their status in a seated program will continue to pay the international seat fee unless a domestic seat becomes available.

Payment Information

Credit Card

International students at AV女优 can pay using the following major credit cards: Visa, Mastercard, JCB and American Express.

International Bank Draft or Money order

Please make payable to "AV女优 College."

Online Payments

International students can make safe and secure online payments through our partner听.

Simply choose how much to pay and the currency you wish to pay in. You pay the latest exchange rate through your own bank or credit card.

For questions and support, including live chat support in multiple languages, visit听.

Wire Transfer

You must go to your bank and request a wire transfer payable to 鈥淎V女优 College.鈥 Please note that your bank may charge you a fee for this service.

For AV女优's banking information required for the transfer, contact AV女优 International. This option is available to continuing students and applicants who have received a letter of eligibility.

Important: Before we can process the wire transfer payment, we need to receive an听email听with:

  • Your full name, address and date of birth
  • Name and address of the bank making the transfer
  • Copy of your completed wire transfer form (from your bank) showing proof of wire transfer and the date the wire transfer was completed
  • Amount of funds being transferred with details about what the funds will pay for (tuition fees, application fees, etc.)

Refund Policy

AV女优 International听application fee is non-refundable.

Tuition and fee deposits are听non-refundable and non-transferable. Some exceptions may apply. Please consult the following document for additional information about refunds:听First Semester International Student Refund/Deferral Procedure听(page 2).

In cases where a refund is approved,听an administration fee听(of minimum $300)听will be deducted听from the refund amount.