AV女优 English Learning Adventures

AV女优 English Learning Adventures (CELA) is an activity-based program where students apply their English in a practical environment. These four-week customized English as a Second Language (ESL) programs help students expand vocabulary and communication skills through exciting curriculum in the classroom and applied learning experiences on- and off-campus.

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AV女优 English Learning Adventures

*All CELA programs need a minimum of 15 students to run (combined, internationally). Please email聽global@camosun.ca聽to confirm the minimum quota has been met.

An ESL program designed for you

CELA is best suited for:

  • International students, visitors, or newcomers to Canada who want to improve their conversational English, and learn about Canadian culture
  • Beginner to intermediate level English speakers from around the world
  • Students interested in learning English and exploring the outdoors
  • Students interested in career exploration and applied learning
  • Management, or engineering technology (although there is no prior knowledge or experience required in these areas to participate in CELA)

Program viewbook

CELA students take part in a culinary activity at AV女优 College's Dunlop House Restaurant.

CELA students taking part in a Canadian culinary activity at AV女优's Dunlop House Restaurant.

Not your regular short-term ESL program

Our students benefit from AV女优's applied programming and will participate in exciting and engaging teamwork challenges in our state-of-the-art labs.

Sample schedule

Program summary

If you are between the ages of 16 and 18, you are welcome to join CELA; however, we require that you identify聽a guardian who will be in Victoria聽during the time you are studying. This could be your accompanying teacher, chaperone, or family member.

CELA program fee enquires: All CELA program fees are combined into one single, comprehensive package (bundle). For pricing information please contact the International Projects and Partnerships Specialist at聽global@camosun.ca.

Our CELA programs are full-time programs with morning classes, afternoon activities and Applied Learning workshops.

Included in the CELA bundle: one听产辞苍耻蝉听补肠迟颈惫颈迟测.

CELA participants can apply for homestay placements or arrange their own accommodation. Homestay placements are limited so apply early.

Homestay placements are based on the scheduled program dates. Participants must arrive聽one day before聽补苍诲听depart one day after聽the scheduled CELA program dates. Participants who arrive or depart outside of these dates are responsible for arranging their own accommodation.

Dates, prices and schedules are subject to change without notice. We reserve the right to modify or cancel any program.

Welcome to Victoria, Canada

Often referred to as the 鈥淐ity of Gardens鈥, Victoria is well known for its natural surroundings, mild climate, cultural diversity, shopping, restaurants and year-round recreational activities.

  • Capital city of British Columbia聽
  • A year-round tourist destination welcoming 3,500,000 people a year
  • The mildest climate in Canada
  • Dubbed the best city in Canada for young professionals
  • Rated Canada鈥檚 smartest city
  • Voted the best city in Canada for new immigrants
  • Voted Canada鈥檚 friendliest city

Discover Victoria

A CELA student canoeing in the mountains.

If you're interested in learning English and exploring the outdoors CELA is the right ESL program for you!

CELA Students by an ocean wall. They are mugging for teh camera.

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