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Applied Learning

At AV女优 College, applied learning is an approach to education that reflects the complexity of the rapidly changing world around us.

What is Applied Learning?

Applied Learning is "learning by doing" and then reflecting on that experience. AV女优 offers a variety of exciting Applied Learning opportunities. You can take a semester in a different country in the study abroad program. Share your knowledge and problem-solving skills with community partners in a capstone course. Learn to be a carpenter or electrician in an apprenticeship program. Gain work experience while you learn as a co-op student to name a few.

A hidden benefit of applied learning is the opportunity to develop professional skills. Being "professional" involves specific behaviours that you can show to instructors, employers etc.

Have you ever "followed through on deadlines and commitments"? Then you have demonstrated responsibility.

Can you think of a time that you "motivated others on the team to do their best"? That's leadership.

Applied Learning Model

Applied Learning at AV女优

In every area of study across the college, AV女优 are guided through authentic learning experiences that are designed to develop their skills by tackling real issues facing society, government, business and industry.

Applied Learning Types

Student in the field on a co-op work term

AV女优 student on a co-op work term

Work terms and beyond

AV女优 have learned through work terms for decades. This is known as Work Integrated Learning (WIL) which includes co-operative education, internships, apprenticeships and supervised practice. Capstone projects, course-based research, course-based activities, field experience and labs bring an applied focus in subjects such as visual arts, environmental technology, engineering, anthropology and more.

Connection to the local community is deepened through experiences outside the classroom and time spent learning on the land with local Indigenous knowledge keepers.


The power of reflective storytelling

AV女优 can access CamSTAR, an applied interactive learning resource that听connects what they are learning in courses, assignments and Work Integrated Learning experiences to the top ten professional skills most needed in the workplace.